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So you are a Golf Academy Manager

And you want to grow the revenue of your golf academy, get control over your business and decrease your administrational work

We can help! Let us show you how.

igolfinstructor - manage online bookings

Online Bookings

igolfinstructor - manages sales


igolfinstructor - manager all your golf marketing


igolfinstructor - gives the golf academy manager total control

Total control

igolfinstructor - handles the golf academies administration


iGolfinstructor - online calendar


Increase bookings

iGolfinstructor enables you to increase the number of golf lessons booked at your golf academy. By providing an online calendar for your golf professionals, members now have the possibility to book lessons anywhere at anytime. iGolfinstructor can be accessed 24/7 by computer, tablet and smartphone reducing the occurrence of missed bookings.

Currently your members probably book their golf lesson at the reception or call to make an appointment. Booking a lesson should be easy! Why not make it easy with iGolfinstructor. With iGolfinstructor golfers aren’t limited to specific opening hours. This easy to use platform allows them to clearly view the availability of lesson times online for every golf professional at your academy.



Grow revenue


iGolfinstructor provides you with a diverse range of tools to grow the revenue of your golf academy. Set up various lessons types for your members to choose from. Sell prepaid lesson packages, which can be used to pay for golf lessons. Sell memberships or licenses to your members, which can give them specific privileges or credits for lessons. Set up discounts or regulate your yield management with the discount module.

Grow more revenue with iGolfinstructor

iGolfinstructor - improve bookings and customer satisfaction


160 m online bookings

Improve your marketing

Happy customers means profitable business. In this competitive market, golf courses need to stand out from their competition with service, facilities and standards. iGolfinstructor allows you to do just that, enabling your academy to:

  • Offer online lesson booking.
  • Understand who your customers are and what they want
  • Capture important data from your customers to improve personal focus and accuracy of your marketing campaigns
  • Stay in touch with members and guests with the mailing module

Take control of your golf academy


Is your golf academy an area of your business you would like to take more control of? Do you feel you’re missing out on a potentially key revenue stream? iGolfinstructor can give you the control you need to successfully market and manage your golf academy. The iGolfinstructor dashboard delivers insightful overviews of your academies performance, including sales and revenue results in real time. In addition, iGolfinstructor allows you to create management roles to allow specific levels of access to your employees.

iGolfinstructor gives you control over your golf academy


iGolfistructor decreases every golf academies administration.

Decrease administration work

iGolfinstructor keeps track of everything that is purchased and booked online. This enables you to track the payment status of the booked golf lessons, prepaid lesson packages and memberships at any given time.

In addition, iGolfinstructor provides you with a great dashboard. The dashboard delivers valuable revenue and sales data for each professional or the academy as a whole, in real time. This key data can be used to further develop your business and marketing strategy.

Other features

  • Easily switch between online calendars

    Easily switch between online calendars of the golf professional within your golf academy.

  • Create shares

    It is possible to set up shares between accounts of the golf professionals, such as members, lesson types, prepaid lesson packages and memberships.

  • Privileges

    Create privileges for specific members or member groups.

  • Recurring appointments

    With just a few clicks you are able to setup recurring group lessons.

  • Management Roles

    Setup management roles for employees, allowing you to define access levels within iGolfinstructor.

  • Yield Management

    Set up discount rules to optimise the turnover from a golf professional’s schedule.

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