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So you are a golf professional

And you want to increase your bookings, revenue and decrease your administration work.

We are here to help! Let us show you how below.

iGolfinstructor - online calendar for golf professionals

Online Calendar

iGolfinstructor - more sales


iGolfinstructor - golf professional increase CRM


iGolfinstructor - online calendar for golf professionals on mobile application


iGolfinstructor - decreases administration for golf professionals


online calendar for golf professionals, keep track of golf lessons


Online calendar

With iGolfinstructors online calendar, booking golf lessons has never been this easy. You set your available hours and lesson types such as private lessons, group lessons and clinics. Your students will do the rest. The days of limited opening hours for bookings are gone, with iGolfinstructor you are open for business 24/7!”

iGolfinstructor takes care of tiring and time-consuming administrational work, allowing you more time to focus on growing your business and revenue.

Generate more revenue


iGolfinstructor provides you with a variety of solutions to help you increase your revenue: Sell private golf lessons, group golf lessons and golf clinics online. Offer prepaid lesson packages online with different credit options and terms. Set up different packages and memberships making it possible to generate a range of alternative income streams.

generate more revenue with memberships

iGolfinstructor improves customer satisfaction


Improve customer satisfaction

Nowadays communication with your customers is key. iGolfinstructor connects you with each of your student’s personal profiles, providing you with useful information such as personal details, booking details, profile pictures etcetera.

Every student has his own personal file within your online calendar, where you can provide feedback and upload files like golf swing analyses and golf exam documents. When you add a new item the student will automatically receive an email notification.

Mobile App for Golf Professionals


With our FREE mobile App, you and your students are able to book golf lessons anytime from anywhere. The App is available on smartphone and tablet for Android and iOS platforms. The mobile App is incredible fast and very easy to use. Your students can always check your online calendar and book golf lessons no matter where they are. You can check your online schedule, update the payment status and book lessons from the driving range, so by time you get home, you can sit back and relax.

mobile app for golf professionals

take total control over your finance with iGolfinstructor


Total control of your finances

iGolfinstructor helps you keep track of all purchases and bookings made via your online calendar. This gives you the freedom to keep track of every payment status of golf lessons, prepaid lesson packages and memberships.

iGolfinstructor also provides you with a great dashboard. The dashboard provides you with valuable revenue and sales data in real time that you can use to further develop your marketing and business strategy.

Other features

  • Payment methods

    iGolfinstructor provides a wide variety of payment methods to let your students choose from.

  • Mailings

    Send mailings to your students about upcoming events.

  • Direct links

    Create direct links to put on your website or send them directly to your students, highlighting a specific date on your calendar.

  • Discounts

    Setup a range of creative discounts and packages offering variety and value for your customers, and alternative streams to grow your revenue.

  • Easy change of working hours

    Do you want to change your available working hours? With just a few clicks, you can easily adjust you scheduled availability.

  • Change appointments

    Change a specific appointment on your calendar and your student or group of students will receive a confirmation notification of the change.

  • Easy login recovery

    Just by filling in the the e-mailadres the account credentials are send to the student. Simply fill in the e-mail address of the students account and their login details will be sent to them directly.

  • Recurring appointments

    Add recurring weekly or monthly private and group lessons into your online calendar to save even more time.

Do you want to go pro?

Sign up now and we will help you get set up. Please note: for golf professionals only.

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